June 18, 2015

Why is it beautiful?

Why is it beautiful?

Finally, finally, I have organised my work (play) area. I just have too many art forms I like to dabble in. I went to Ikea—love that place—and got a simple wood box. It was just sitting there holding my stuff until my husband suggested I paint the thing. What an idea! I haven’t painted in a very long time, so it’s been fun to experiment.

When I stood there and started to paint, the idea of a natural landscape popped into my head. I thought that maybe it’s because I love ‘Starry Night’ so much, or because the Universe fascinates me and I find the cosmos beautiful. One of my favorite things to do is watch the night sky. How whimsical of me. I enjoyed gathering inspiration from painters such as: Albert Bierstadt, Henry Bacon, William Turner and Thomas Cole. The Hudson River School is one of my all time favorite art movements. Of course, I’m not comparing my little wooden art box to these masters…

Or…maybe I’m programmed to think so. Strange thought I know. I recently watched a very interested TED talk about the Darwinian theory of beauty and how we find things aesthetically beautiful because of where our ancient ancestors evolved. We love sprawling valleys with a winding river or path going into the distance. Even people from countries that don’t have this type of landscape find it beautiful. This idea absolutely fascinates me.




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